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Choose Expert Teeth Whitening

Do you notice that your teeth appear yellow or feature dark stains? Dental discoloration can severely disrupt your smile’s appearance. If you do not feel proud of the way your teeth look, you can suffer a major blow to your confidence.

You may feel tempted to seek a quick fix, such as a teeth-whitening product available at your local shop. These store-bought materials can brighten your tooth color. However, they employ a one-size-fits-all approach that will not resolve all types of dental discoloration.

To ensure you get the best smile enhancement possible, you should talk to a cosmetic dentist about teeth-whitening options. You can feel more confident about pursuing teeth whitening with a dental professional when you know more about the advantages of this dental attention. Read on to learn why you can see the best results in multiple fashions when you seek teeth-whitening treatment from your dentist rather than pursue over-the-counter solutions.

Choose Expert Teeth Whitening

Individualized Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry

When you visit your dentist to discuss dental discoloration and other cosmetic concerns, they will evaluate your unique smile to find the right treatment for you. They consider your medical history, existing dental structure, and smile aesthetic goals so that you can get your desired results.

Therefore, you can feel confident that teeth-whitening treatment is the best option for your smile when you talk to your dentist. They can also offer alternative whitening solutions, like porcelain veneers, to address dental stains that typically do not respond to bleaching treatments.

The dentist also offers professional application of bleaching products rather than using a pre-made tray or strip. This way, the dentist can ensure even coverage of the whitening gel for a beautiful finish. Over-the-counter products cannot guarantee these same results.

Experience a Reduced Risk of Side Effects

Trays and strips from a store-bought teeth-whitening kit might not fit properly. This can affect the appearance of your smile after the treatment. And it may put you in danger of certain side effects.

Bleaching materials might aggravate the gums or the tooth enamel without proper protections in place. Your dentist can apply whitening gel to the teeth carefully to reduce the risk of gum irritation, tooth sensitivity, and other complications. They use shields to protect the gums and other tissues within the mouth for optimal patient safety and comfort.

The dentist also ensures the bleaching gel will remain on the teeth for the appropriate amount of time: 15 minutes. This window allows for the bleaching agents to penetrate into the enamel and treat dental stains. Then the dentist removes the product in a timely fashion to prevent enamel damage that may cause sensitivity pain.

Trusting a professional for teeth-whitening treatment will eliminate user errors. Leaving the product on the teeth for too long, for instance, might lead to your discomfort. Then you can look forward to a gorgeous, bright smile without worrying about oral pain or an irregular finish. Call your dentist today to schedule your cosmetic dental consultation.