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TMJ Treatment Keego Harbor, MI

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) are bite disorders often caused by stress or damage to the TMJ. The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) connect the jaw bone to the skull. Tension and dysfunction in the joints can lead to a variety of problems, including teeth clenching, grinding teeth, headaches, and jaw pain. Dr. Anthony Yaldo provides TMJ treatment for patients in Keego Harbor, MI, helping them restore their oral health, bite comfort, and jaw function. Dr. Yaldo also provides restorative dental treatments to new and existing patients in Keego Harbor.

Treat TMJ Disorders in Keego Harbor, MI

Common Symptoms of TMD

Patients developing TMJ problems can often experience: 

  • Teeth clenching and grinding (bruxism)
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Jaw and facial pain
  • Toothaches
  • Earaches
  • Joints popping or clicking
  • Pain when biting and chewing

Contact our office if you experience any of these dental problems, and we will find the right treatment to meet your needs.

Occlusion and Bite Equilibration

TMD is tied to occlusion, or how the teeth come together. Patients with an uneven bite are more likely to experience bite problems and jaw discomfort. Dr. Anthony Yaldo will examine your smile and test your bite if you begin to experience symptoms like jaw pain, headaches, and other TMD symptoms. First, he will suggest taking dental X-rays of the teeth and jaw to look for signs of wear on the teeth and abnormalities in the TMJ. He will also use contact paper to measure bite pressure in different areas of the mouth. He may recommend multiple treatments to create a more even bite. If patients have crooked teeth but do not experience teeth clenching and grinding, Invisalign can help straighten the smile and create a more comfortable bite. Patients who clench and grind their teeth can benefit from nightguards.

TMJ Treatment in Keego Harbor, MI

Dr. Yaldo can create a custom acrylic nightguard using dental impressions of the smile. The nightguard covers the upper or lower teeth, protecting the teeth from wear and damage from teeth clenching and grinding. Additionally, the hard acrylic discourages patients from chewing on their appliances and creates more pain in the teeth and jaw.

In addition to nightguards, we may also recommend physical therapy, a soft diet, and medications to alleviate TMJ pain. Physical therapy stretches the muscles of the mouth, jaw, neck, back, and shoulders. During physical therapy, patients learn how to relax their muscles and minimize pain due to poor posture. Eating a soft diet for several weeks can alleviate pressure on the bite and TMD. Hard or crunchy foods take more effort to bite and chew. It can sometimes be difficult for patients with TMD to open their mouths fully if they experience symptoms. Some patients may benefit from medications to relax them before sleep. Taking muscle relaxants can help patients heal their jaw and TMJ.

Address TMD Today

If you frequently experience jaw and tooth pain, call Dr. Yaldo for TMJ treatment today at (248) 780-7062. You can also request a dental appointment with Dr. Yaldo online.