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Keego Harbor, MI, Dentist FAQs

Whether you’re new to our practice or a current patient, we want you to stay educated about your treatment options and oral health. Patient education is a part of dental care, helping fight misconceptions about care and clarifying patient questions about treatment. We welcome dental patients to read FAQs for our Keego Harbor, MI, dental office. Our office also welcomes patients to ask specific questions about their dental problems during routine dental visits. 

Oral Health Q&A in Keego Harbor, MI

Dental FAQs in Keego Harbor, MI

Learn more about our practice with answers to frequently asked patient questions:

Does your office see children?

Yes, we are a family dental practice and treat patients of all ages, including pediatric patients. We can also provide pediatric-specific treatments like dental sealants to keep children in good oral health.

Do you offer restorative and cosmetic care?

Yes, we provide patients with cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. We can provide cosmetic dental treatments in our office. We work with local dental laboratories and oral surgeons to provide comprehensive restorations, including dental implant services. 

Is it safe to visit the dentist if I’m pregnant?

It is safe for pregnant women to visit the dentist for cleanings and routine treatments. Every trimester is safe for pregnant women, although laying down on the dental chair in later trimesters may be more difficult, so we recommend dental visits during the second trimester.

What do I do if I have a dental emergency? 

Call our office in the event of a dental emergency and follow our instructions if we cannot immediately book your appointment for the same time. If you are experiencing extreme pain or have physical injuries in conjunction with your dental problems, please receive medical care before dental care. Once you are physically healthy, we can treat your oral health issues. 

What can I do about tooth stains?

If you have extrinsic stains, or stains on the tooth’s surface, we recommend teeth whitening treatment. However, if you have intrinsic stains, or stains within your teeth, we may recommend dental bonding or veneers. 

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